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 Encyclopedia Vampyre Lore Volume III - Locations and current Clans

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PostSubject: Encyclopedia Vampyre Lore Volume III - Locations and current Clans   Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:45 pm

As we have come to learn in Encyclopedia Vampyre Lore Volume I, Humans inhabit up to 80% of Earth. Their numbers are great compared to those of the Vampyres and Lycans combined. Because of their large numbers and their known trait to be mistrusting and destructive, it has long been decided to remain hidden and illusive. To live in coexistence with the Humans and to ensure the future survival of the Vampyres, the Vampyre Council of old has established three cities; 

  • The city of Antilly, situated in France. 
  • The city of Cantiglio, situated in Italy. 
  • The city of North Brentwood, situated in America. 

Not much can be found about the history of these cities outside of their perimeter, as contact to the outside world is kept to a minimum. Each of these cities holds a vast Vampyre underground, and most of it is run and protected by the Grand Master Vampyres of the High Council.
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Encyclopedia Vampyre Lore Volume III - Locations and current Clans
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